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Weight management program

Management of weight is important because many diseases are due to being overweight and obesity. Obesity is the result of over nutrition. Obesity means having excess fat tissue that is more than that required for optimal functioning. An obese individual has shorter life expectancy than the individual having normal weight. They are more at risk of developing heart diseases, diabetes, hypertension and also respiratory problems.

The objective of weight management program is to maintain ideal body weight which is desirable weight according to height and body frame of an individual.

Weight loss program

Weight loss program aims at the following:

Weight gain program

Weight gain program aims at following:

BP management program

Hypertension is a condition in which blood pressure is higher than normal. The normal blood pressure is 120 mmHg /80 mmHg. The age related variations in normal blood pressure exist. The upper figure is systolic pressure and the lower figure is diastolic pressure. Increase in diastolic pressure is considered more dangerous.

Diet plays a central role in all cases of hypertension - mild, moderate and severe.

Mild hypertension: If the diastolic pressure is 90 to 104 mmHg then the condition is mild hypertension. Mild hypertension can be controlled by dietary modifications only. Restriction of sodium itself is very effective in controlling mild hypertension. But how much restriction is required it is subjective and varies at individual level.

Moderate hypertension: If the diastolic pressure is 105 to 119 mmHg, the condition is known as moderate hypertension. In moderate cases suitable medication is also given in addition to a modified diet plan. In moderate cases total restriction of salt with or without restriction of intake of foodstuffs rich in sodium is also imposed.

Severe hypertension: If diastolic pressure is 120 to 130 mmHg and above, it is termed as severe hypertension. In severe cases also suitable medication is also given in addition to a modified diet and total restriction of salt with restriction of intake of foodstuffs rich in sodium.

The diet plans prescribed by Dr Ranjana are very effective in controlling high blood pressure and its complications.

Diabetes management program

Diabetes mellitus is a metabolic disorder characterized by an elevation of blood sugar levels.

Diabetes type 1: In this body is dependent upon insulin doses from outside source. It is common in young children and adolescents.

Diabetes type 2: In this there is lack or insufficiency of insulin in the body which can be brought under control by either diet alone or combination of diet and certain drugs. It is commonly observed in adults who are overweight.

Diet in insulin dependent diabetes is adjusted according to the type of insulin dose being taken.

DM is a progressive disease, which is there for life. No one can cure it but one can keep it under control. In most of the cases diabetes can be kept under control by diet alone.

The objectives of diabetes management program are:

Cholesterol management program

Therapeutic diets for the following disorders

GI disorders

Liver, gall bladder and pancreatic disorders

Genitourinary disorders

Musculoskeletal system disorder

Miscellaneous Diet Plans

Hormonal disorder