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Welcome to Diet Start - diet & nutrition redefined

Fluctuating body weight becomes a permanent headache and menace. It sends shivers throughout the body because it gives you a feeling that you are sure to enter a cave full of known and unknown ailments.

The ‘Diet Start’ is a different and unique approach to give a death blow to these apparent and unknown fears. It is an approach to maintain a healthy weight for a life-time. At Diet Start we help you make smart eating choices and encourage daily physical activities. We strongly recommend ways to give a stunning blow to the diets involving eating in a different way from how you intend to eat when not dieting. We are here to make you ready to shed grabs of misconceptions wrapping smart eating choices. Our sole aim is to make your body presentable.

The ultimate purpose and aim of ‘Diet Start’ is to inculcate healthy food habits and all our efforts aim at blessing you with good health for the breadth and length of your whole life. We also aim at invoking in you a natural craze to respect food and eat it without the fear of weight gain. We also make efforts to strike at the very roots of some imaginative fears of weight related health problems like diabetes, heart disease, high B.P and so on. The very glimpse of an oil-soaked food item sends unfounded shivers throughout your spine. We aim at tolling the death-knell of all weight related health problems.

It is scientifically proven that by controlling weight one can significantly reduce the risk of all degenerative diseases like osteoarthritis, heart disease, cancer, type 2 diabetes and hypertension.

The tug of war between losing weight and then gaining it back imparts undue stress. The yo-yo dieting that perpetuates this ‘war’ is actually worse for your health. Continuous weight fluctuations put undue stress and imparts many imaginative fears.

The diet plans are prepared by medical professionals at Diet Start.